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Welcome Letter


Welcome to Zheda Alumni Network (ZAN), an alumni community mainly serves Zheda alumni around Northern California through organizing events and activities. ZAN's mission is to facilitate networking and exchanging collective ideas, experiences and resources among alumni of Zhejiang University, and to promote the Zhejiang University.

The organization has constantly been learning and evolving about how to better serve our Zheda alumni. I am very enthusiastic about the new prospective of ZAN after launching this new website, which provides several cool functionalities to our alumni, such as Invite Alumni, Find Alumni Blogs, and Forums I have provided a FAQ page to help you quickly taking advantage of these services.

Alumni Directory (or Find Alumni) would provide an excellent tool for alumni networking and finding lost classmates and friends. I personally have encountered cases like classmates came across at super markets and found out that they have lived in the same city for several years. But to make it work, we need your support by registering as a member. Blogs and forums would give many alumni a place to share ideas, experiences and resources, to find right connections for careers, and so on. Possibilities are endless.

While Zheda’s size and reputation have been growing dramatically after merge in 1998, our alumni base has also greatly expanded. I wish all alumni could work together with the help of our new web tools to make all alumni including original Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University connected. We have made it easier for you to spread words out by providing an "Invite Alumni" tool. Furthermore, even though ZAN mainly organizes the events and activities around the Silicon Valley, we also warmly welcome alumni around the world to join our community, to take advantage of the functionalities that this website has offerred, and to enrich and widen our alumni networking experiences.

Nevertheless, ZAN is only a facilitator, and your active involvement is the key to the success of this campaign. You can always give us proposals, suggestions, and comments as how to make ZAN more attractive to every alumnus through "Contact Us".

There are also many ways you could take active roles in ZAN. You can be an owner of a forum topic, a leader of a special interest group, and take even greater responsibilities. For example, this new website is the work of our alumni using a lot of their precious after-job time. I guarantee your involvements would be challenging and rewarding.

Together, let’s make ZAN as a virtual home for Zheda alumni around the world!

Best Regards

Guowen Lu (80级信电系)
Zheda Alumni Network
April 25, 2008