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click above "Find Alumni" link, you will see a search box under "User profile" or "Directory" asking for keywords. You need to register as a member in directory and log in to use this service. Please type in any keyword (whole or partial, English, Pinyin, or Chinese) you think could narrow down the search, and the search would give a list of alumni that match your keyword. A partial keyword would increase the chance finding what you want, but it could give you a long list.

Since there is no standard ways to fill in many searchable fields when alumni register as members, there could be a wide variety of ways  that alumni fill in their information in each field. It could make directory searching quite challenging. Therefore, please try to use information that usually do not change, such as Chinese name, year of admission, Department and Major (系和专业) as keyword(s). Example of keywords: 1980, 信电系, Chinese name in Pinyin or 中文,and etc..

If you find an alumnus that you want to contact with, you can click the username at the left side of search result ("Test" in the following example), and it will enter a page that have a “contact” tab. Clicking that “contact” tab would give you an interface to send an email to "Test".

Example:  use 信电系 as keyword (This search interface is for illustration only; you need to click "Find Alumni" to get real seach interface)


Search results


信电系无线电 | 1980 | San Jose, CA,USA | Cisco| ...


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