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A 501(c)(3)  Tax-Deductible non-profit organization Zheda Alumni Foundation has been setup to provide a platform for Zheda alumni around Silicon Valley to contribute in the benefit of Zhejiang University and Zheda Alumni Network. The foundation has the same board directors and management team as Zheda Alumni Network. The Bylaws of the foundation is available here for your review.

The foundation is founded mainly to:

  • Assist Zhejiang University in all possible ways toward enhancing its educational and cultural environment.
  • Promote education and research of Zhejiang University
  • Organize various types of activities and events to unite our alumni, and to support our alumni’s professional developments.
  • Organize and participate various types of activities and events in public communities as venues to promote Zhejiang University in public

We have set up a Paypal account to make it easier for you to make monetary contributions to Zheda Alumni Foundation. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can pay by Creditcard through Paypal so we do not need to know your creditcard number.

Any dollar amount of donation would be appreciated. Your donation is TAX-Deductible.

All donations would be recorded, and are available for public audit.

Examples of donation usages are

 There are many possible charity programs Zheda alumni could do. We will establish a new website "" to list the donors, activities and documentations related to this Zheda Alumni Foundation.  However, before new website is established, we woul duse this page as the main information source for this foundation. We are cordially inviting Zheda Alumni who would like to get invloved in such charity activities to contact us at

Thanks a lot for your support.