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Alumni Member Registration

The alumni member registration is required to take full use of this website.   Once becoming a member, you would be able to search the alumni directory, contact alumni as needed, post on Blog and Forums, and create other types of contents if granted permissions. By registering as a member,  you agree with ZAN's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The "Terms of Use" basically states that: (i) you are solely responsible for your activities in this website; (ii) you will not do any illegal and harmful things to this website; (iii) you will not post materials that may cause this website being blocked. 

Duo to Robot Crawling activitity from unkown attackers, now, you need to be invited to register as a member. Please contact to become a member! Sorry for the inconvenience!  

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We cordially invite Zheda alumni to register as members to facilitate alumni networking and take advantage of services provided by this website.  The information collected is only for the ease of networking among alumni, and your sensitive private information will not be published publicly, even to the registered members. We try to strike the best compromise among the simplicity of registration, privacy protection and easiness of alumni networking. Please review our Privacy Policy page for details. You also need to sign up our google groups below to get notifications for upcomming events and activities if you are not in our mailing list yet.

You are also welcome to join our group "Zheda Alumni Network" at LinkedIn (


Google Group Mailing List Sign Up

  • If you live around Northern California, please sign up through the following subscribe box:        
    North California Zheda Alumni


  • If you are not around Northern California, please sign up global google group through the following subscribe box. This google group would be used only when an announcement is fit for everybody.         
    Global Zheda Alumni
  • Be assured that these google groups are set to be private. They will be used only for Zheda Alumni Network and will not be sold or distributed to any other parties.  Regular members are also not permitted to access the email addresses in the groups.