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A New Face for Zheda Alumni Network

By guowen - Posted on 09 May 2008

With the publishing of this new website, Zheda Alumni Network now has a new face. I wish it would give this organization a fresh jump start and enter a new era of Zheda alumni networking.

The new website development initiative started in the middle of March. With valuable helps from fellow alumni, Kai Xu, Zhi Lin and Jia Yu, I am able to put many pieces of software modules together and build up this beautiful and multi-function website at this form from scratch, after several hundred man-hours worth hard work and many late night sleepings. This is for sure a challenging and rewarding experience for us, as we all had little experience to start with. We learn by doing, and one piece at a time. We regard our alumni as customers when we build this website. The most time consuming part is to engineer the look of the webpages, with many trials and errors, since this would become the face of our Zheda Alumni Network. Another major consideration is how to reach the best compromise among the simplicity of registration, privacy protection and easiness of alumni networking. We are still open to learn from our alumni what is a better way to handle this issue. On the other hand, now it is our alumni's turn to make this website more interesting and engaging. Your support and patronization would make all our efforts worthwhile. Your first support is just a few clicks away by registering as a member and spreading words out by inviting your alumni friends to join the club. 

For sure, there would be problems here and there after launch, because this is new and not extensively tested. However, I am confident that our web administration team is capable of handling these problems and I am sure other experienced alumni would step up to help us also. The website would evolve and keep improving along the way. Please help us by reporting the problems you encounter through or suggestion box at Forum.

I regard this website initiative being my most important and top priority task after taking over the responsibility of this organization. The significance of the new website is that it would set up a platform for Zheda alumni to network and exchange ideas, experiences and resources, not only locally at bayarea, but also globally. It will also give people we interact with a fresh professional look about Zheda Alumni Network.  As compared with old website, not only we engineered the look, but also added three valuable networking modules: alumni directory, blog, and forum.

Through the alumni directory, now you can search where are your lost buddies at school,  find alumni collegues at your company, find a alumni job referee during job hunting, and so on.  Blog and forums are nice places where you can share your interesting stories, news,  ideas, experineces, and thoughts with other alumni.  I regard blogs and forums at this website are complementary part of popular online communities, and serve special purposes for Zheda alumni. We are looking for alumni who are willing to take responsibility to maintain forums topics to form small communities within this frame work. Currently, only a few posts are present since it is new.  But, I believe things would change when more and more alumni make posts in this website gradually.  The website has been built in a way that it would grow up organically and gradually with alumni's active partiticipations and contributions from time to time. Nevertheless, since now this website has a global reach to Zheda alumni in sight, I would caution our alumni not to post things that could drag this website into troubles, such as politically charged posts or erotic materials that may cause this website being blocked.

The success of the organization lies in two aspects, one is organization leaders' effort to bring alumni togther by organizing events and activites that suit our alumni, and the other is the alumni's active participations and invlovements in responses to organization's efforts.  Together with every alumnus' effort, I am confident that Zheda Alumni Network would become one of the most active alumni organizations, and in return, benefiting our alumni's life and career, and our mother school Zhejiang University.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Guowen Lu 



It's a Cooool site, the performance is pretty decent. My hats off to the team!

Would you like to introduce more about the site, such as hosting (using a VPS or not), OS, the particular cms flavor and the backend database etc.

Keep up the good work!

We are using low budget Godaddy hosting service, and mySQL database. It's under Linux OS, but  not VPS (it's much more expensive, however, we may need it later).

Thanks for your support!

It looks like the site uses drupal CMS.