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[骨髓捐赠] SOS!请帮助一位上海交大校友4个月大的宝宝

By guowen - Posted on 28 May 2012



我四个月大的儿子刚刚诊断为急性淋巴型白血病。 现在正在接受化疗。 他属于这种病中高危型, 很快需要骨髓移植。 我和我太太都是中国人。最可能的匹配捐赠人是在亚洲人中。在美国有八百万注册的样本,当中只有8%是亚洲人。在中国大陆,只有一百二十八万注册的骨髓样本。请伸出援助的手,注册成为骨髓捐赠人, 帮助我孩子和其它正在等待匹配捐赠的人。非常容易注册:只需要口腔里少量的颊上皮细胞或者少量的血。





Dear friends,

My 4-month-old son was diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukeumia (ALL, in Chinese, bai xue bing) two weeks ago. He has been in hospital since then. He belongs to the high risk group of ALL and will need bone marrow transplant in a few months. They are starting the process of looking for a matching donor in the world wide "distributed bone marrow databases". The better the match, the b...etter chance and the longer my son will survive. Most probable match may be found among Asian people. 

My son and my whole family need your support, no matter you are in China, other parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, or North America. Please give us your hands: register as a bone marrow donor if you haven't done so. It is very easy to register: just giving a swap of cheek cells or some blood. 

If you are in Washington State, you can check the web page : 

If you are in other parts of US, you can check the web page:

If you are in China, you can check the web page:

If you are in Taiwan, you can check the web page:

I understand God has his purpose on this, but I never felt so desperate and needing help. Please help us and pass the word around.

"Why I always have tears, because, I love him so much ..."