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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet explore 7.0, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 are recommended, since the website was developed under these two browsers.  Therefore, if you are using other browsers or old versions of these two internet browsers, you may see some glitches here and there, since the webiste has not been tested under these old versions, due to our limited resources.

At the top-left menu, click “Register”, you will see some explanation and a link to registration that has a list of items to be filled in. The required items are necessary to let other alumni know your relationship with Zhejiang University, and where you live now. After you finish fillings, the website will send you an email with username, password and a link to change the password for the first logging in. This precedure is to prevent automatic spam registrations.

You can fill each field in English, 中文 or 拼音. However, for the ease of searching, it is required to register your Chinese name used when you were in Zheda in Chinese or pinyin (拼音), but you have the choice what name you want to be shown in public. It also may be better to fill in Department and Major (系和专业) in Chinese.

We cordially invite Zheda alumni to register as members to help us building up a platform for alumni networking. Please register now.

At the top-left menu, click “Directory”, you will see a search box. Please type in any keyword (whole or partial, English, Pinyin, or Chinese) you think could narrow down the search, and the search would give a list of alumni that match your keyword. A partial keyword would increase the chance finding what you want, but it could give you a long list.

Since there is no standard ways to fill in many searchable fields when alumni register as members, there could be a wide variety of ways  that alumni fill in their information in each field. It could make directory searching quite challenging. Therefore, please try to use information that usually do not change, such as Chinese name, year of admission, Department and Major (系和专业) as keyword(s). 

The best feature of this Directory is that you can contact an alumnus without exposing email address to you. 

If you find an alumnus that you want to contact with, we have provided an email portal for you to reach the alumnus without exposing the alumnus’s contact information to you as a privacy protection. You can click the username at the left side of search result, and it will enter a page that have a “contact” tab. Clicking that “contact” tab would give you an email interface.

At the right side of home page, there is a "subscribe" box for signing up he google group for Northern California Zheda alumni. Alternatively, you also can send a blank email to" for signing up. This google group is mainly used for announcing events and news related to Zheda alumni around Silicon valley.

There is also a "subscribe" box for signing up global Zheda Alumni google group, which would be used for announcing news and events that fit for every alumni. you also can send a blank email to" for signing up global alumni mailing list.

These google groups are set to be private, and only managers of these google groups have the access to your email address.

The google groups are mainly used for notification of upcomming events, news and other announcements solely from Zheda Alumni network, and they will not be used by other third parties. Furthermore, to reduce receiving unnecessary replying emails from members or spam emails from faked alumni, we will moderate all the emails to this google group. Therefore, there would be no spam emails. However, please be noted that this would cause inconvenience and delay to post emails in these google groups.  We will conduct a poll to see what is the best compromise.  


We would try our best to protect your private contact information, however, in theory, these information could be still breached by hackers. We do not hold any responsibility for the information loss under unlawful means. Please review our privacy policy for this matter.

The information we collect is for the purpose of alumni networking. Some non-essential contact fields such as phone numbers, address, city, and company are optional. They are used as alternative contact means if necessary from authorized personals from the ZAN organization. Furthermore, your name (your choice), email and other personal contact information will not be open to the public and even regular members as we could not verify the identity of the registered members. People can contact you through an email portal provided in this website without exposing your email address to them. If you regard these optional fields are source of your concern and very sensitve to you, please leave them blank, as you can always edit them later.

You can find your username by searching yourself in “Directory” tab at top-left, and you will find your username from the matched member list(s).

For password, you can click “Request New Password” link under login block. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. The username will be also included in this email.

One of the cool features of this website helping us to reach as many alumni as possible is “Invite Alumni” function located at the left sidebar under your username. It will send an email with your greetings to the alumni you invited. We would recommend you just invite all the alumni you know to help our effort to reach every alumnus. If some of them are already a member, they could just ignore your invitation. This is also a best way to tell these alumni that you are a member now.

You can login as a guest using “anonymous” as username, however, you could only browser posted public information, and are not able to post blogs and forums.

As a volunteer based community, Zheda Alumni Network is always looking for alumni who want to make contributions in this organization. We appreciate alumni’s active involvements in the organization, be it an owner of a forum topic, a leader of a special group, a director of a chapter committee and even greater responsibilities. If would be even better if you have a proposal or a plan as how you would like to actively invlove in this organization, what kind of responsibility you would like to take. The ZAN now has been set up in a way to allow it organically grow up gradually by actively involved alumni. Every alumnus efforts counts to make ZAN better.

Please look at volunteer opportunites under “About Us” link at sidebar for our immediate needs.

You can post your own blog using “My blog” link under your username at sidebar. Please post you thoughts, experiences and stories to share with other alumni.

You can choose a topic of interests in forum topic list, and then post under these specific topics. At this moment, only authorized personals can create new forum topics. Please contact if you are interested in creating a new forum topic.  To here to post your Forum now.

You can post your job openings in a Forum topic "工作机会 Jobs".  Please post any job opportunities you can refer here to help other alumni who are seeking jobs or new careers.


The purpose of this website is to setup a platform for global Zheda alumni networking. Therefore, some restrictions need to be applied for the website being viewed and used around the world. The following contents should not be posted here as a protect of this website:

a. No anti-government articles and sensitive political debates and materials in this website that may cause the website being banned in some countries.

b. No offensive personal attacks and erotic materials in this website that may cause the website being banned or dragged into legal disputes.

c. Contents and materials that have unauthorized Intellectual properties.